FILM CLUB #24 froglet edition MIDNIGHT COWBOY (Tuesday 8pm)

Vote please. Voting closes Tuesday at 6pm

  • Shirkers
  • Ponyo
  • A whisker away
  • The stranger
  • Jurassic park
  • Captain fantastic
  • The woman in the window
  • Midnight cowboy

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Did you mean to give us 7 votes?

No i put 2 but i guess it got overwritten or something?

Shirkers is such a good doc and I cant stress this enough

Annoyingly I think if you put in the vote number and then add more options it overrides what you put in, I’ve fallen foul of this before.


is ‘the stranger’ the orson welles one?

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I believe so.

I should be able to make this. Woo!


i’m sure i’ve seen midnight cowboy but i can’t actually remember anything about it


love westerns though

Yeah it is. It’s not bad tbf. The Woman In The Window is excellent though. Rewatched it the other day.

I’ve just bought Midnight Cowboy so that.

Know he’s a bit of a knob now, but old Jon Voight films are great.

Love an old buddy film as well. Scarecrow (Pacino, Hackman) and Stroszek (Herzog) two of my faves.

I did not know that thing was from Midnight Cowboy.

I miiiight be able to make this.

PS: Captain Fantastic would make a brilliant film club viewing imho. Watched it a few years back.


I usually just vote for films I havent seen but there is never a bad time to rewatch Midnight Cowboy.

Think this might be the first film club where I could have easily voted for any of the options.

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Close contest here


Might change my vote just for the bants

I see what you did there @japes