FILM CLUB #24 froglet edition MIDNIGHT COWBOY (Tuesday 8pm)

You’re just making work for me now!

2nd poll for in the event of a tie at 6pm -

  • Midnight cowboy
  • The woman in the window

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i say organiser gets VETO POWERZ

In the event of a tie in the second poll, I’ll do a 3rd poll to determine whether or not I can veto.

what happens if that one is tied

4th poll to decide whether we watch both films at the same time or let people pick individually. If that one is tied then there’ll be a 5th poll to decide if we should stop doing polls or carry on


I vote Midnight Cowboy because in my continuing broadband saga, it turns out while the internet was working fine, the phone line wasn’t and my mum called for an engineer to fix it. They were meant to be coming tomorrow, but they came today. About 15 minutes ago. They’re still fixing it, and what’s the betting they go home before it is fixed and we lose our broadband over night? Might be om, might not…

Anyway, brother has Midnight Cowboy on dvd so I can watch that whatever.

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:fox_face: :wrench: :phone:

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Minight cowboy it is

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Can someone please change the title for me? @moderators

Done :+1:

(‘regular’ level can do it)

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might watch this :thinking:

I’ve sent the DM to everyone who wanted to be in the DM chat. Please let me know in this thread if I’ve missed you or if you want to join in (I closed the poll to avoid missing any latecomers)

Do it! If you want to be in the chat let me know

i am deeply opposed to chatting while a film is on, but thank you!

Each to their own

Before we all settle down to MC, I believe I am up next. Think we normally do the second film of the week on a Thursday, but does that seem a bit soon? Anyone have a preferred day? @filmclubbers

  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • leave it till next week

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My first film club and I am pumped


It varies between Thursday/Friday/Saturday, with the individual hosting it is leaving it up to the hosts to have ultimate say so they can make their own editions :+1:

Needs an i don’t mind option!


Apparently the whole scene was accidental and the “I’m walking here!” was ad libbed.

Dustin Hoffman immediately after “Im walking here” reverts to his normal voice when he continues to talk to Jon Voight and not the Ratzo’s voice.