Film Club #27: Flashinglight Edition (Friday 24th July 8pm)

Short Term 12 takes the lead!

I can still use my votes though :thinking:

Going to miss another edition due to working stupid hours
Again, I’ll try and watch the chosen film when I get home


Are you still good for your edition in one of the slots next week?

Rudy definitely isn’t going to win (appreciate the vote from @laelfy on it though :+1:), so anyone want to watch it with me on Sunday?

  • Yes please

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stop your messing around
better think of your future

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Yes, can do either Mon Tue Wed or Thurs
(am working silly hours again from Fri)

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Cool, do you want to do the early week slot then?

@roastthemonaspit can you do next week second half?



Yeah I can do any evening next week other than Tuesday so whatever works.

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Cool my list is ready to go

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Nice, order currently looks like this then:

  1. Ttf :white_check_mark: :x::houses: :earth_americas:
  2. Japes :ballot_box_with_check: :ringer_planet::up:
  3. Shrewbie :white_check_mark: :robot:
  4. Froglet :ballot_box_with_check: :night_with_stars: :cowboy_hat_face:
  5. Maggieloveshopey :white_check_mark: :cat:
  6. Jamos :ballot_box_with_check: :outbox_tray::inbox_tray:
  7. Flashinglight :question:
  8. AcceptanceIII (first half of next week)
  9. Roastthemonaspit (second half of next week)
  10. Whiterussian
  11. Laelfy
    Then add
  12. JaguarPirate
    And possibly 13. Manches

The racoons hit back to pull level!

Incidentally, this is the tie breaker:

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@froglet or @ttf need to switch votes

I’m happy to defer to @anon89873996’s as yet unused votes as tie breaker

I’m struggling between the choice of new film I really want to watch and one of my favourite ever films (but I watched it fairly recently). Almost impossible to decide, happy if it gets decided for me but if it is still deadlocked at 6pm I’ll try.

Btw, you weren’t marked on the live chat poll, just wanted to make sure if that was right or a mistake?

i also watched it fairly recently so am hoping for ST12 since it doesn’t look like trollhunter will pull it back from here

lets see though

How anyone can see this gif and not be compelled to watch the full film is beyond me

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Oh I was sure I ticked it. Yes I’m in for live chat

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Not looking good for the Trolls (this is the other one I’ve seen recently)