Film Club #28: AcceptanceIII Edition (Mon 8pm)

Hello @filmclubbers and welcome to the 28th Film Club edition.
Perfect weather for a spot of film-clubbing.

Please vote for your preferences below. You only have two for your film choice, so please remember to chose wisely

  • Behind the Candelabra (2013, Steven Soderbergh)
  • Colossal (2016, Nacho Vigalondo)
  • Destroyer (2018, Karyn Kusama)
  • The Hurt Locker (2008, Kathryn Bigelow)
  • Results (2015, Andrew Bujalski)
  • Sense & Sensibility (1995, Ang Lee)
  • Set It Up (2018, Claire Scanlon)
  • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013, Isao Takahata)

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I’ve not seen a couple of these and will be interested to see which way the voting goes. Reckon they’ll all have something interesting to offer though

Would you prefer to have it on

  • Mon 27JUL
  • Tue 28JUL

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  • Excellent, thanks

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Voting will close at 6pm on the chosen day, DMs will be sent out and the film will start at 8pm. See you there


Thanks wr, hope you can join us.

Was going to include Hereditary, but that may have excluded the horror-averse Flashinglight and Avocado.

(but I have to admit that if Midsommar was on Netflix it definitely would have been included because it’s the best and sunny all the time so would have been totally fine and fun)

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i really want to watch midsommar again

maybe i’ll do that tonight

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Haven’t seen @hanshotfirst for a while. All is good I hope.
I remember that we both rated Destroyer very highly in the end of year poll
(because it is an absolutely excellent film)

Great to see some @Gnometorious involvement too.
I’ve never seen Sense & Sensibility even though it was filmed near where I grew up and Ang Lee is one of my favourites.
A truly ridiculous blindspot

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not casting a vote yourself? or are you waiting to see whats in the lead?

My favourites are Set It Up, Destroyer and Kaguya but quite happy to see how things play out
Enjoy Midsommar!

ended up watching previous film club nominee short term 12 instead

was pretty good

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I was going to watch that last night as well but I was too tired, only have until Friday before iplayer stops working on my tablet :-1:

Flashinglight Bonus film club tonight though with Rudy for whoever wants to join :+1:


Updated order thingb

  1. Ttf :white_check_mark: :x::houses: :earth_americas:
  2. Japes :ballot_box_with_check: :ringer_planet::up:
  3. Shrewbie :white_check_mark: :robot:
  4. Froglet :ballot_box_with_check: :night_with_stars: :cowboy_hat_face:
  5. Maggieloveshopey :white_check_mark: :cat:
  6. Jamos :ballot_box_with_check: :outbox_tray::inbox_tray:
  7. Flashinglight :raccoon:
  8. AcceptanceIII :question:
  9. Roastthemonaspit
  10. Whiterussian
  11. Laelfy
    Then add
  12. JaguarPirate
    And possibly 13. Manches

@whiterussian is there a day w/c 3/8 you can do you edition do you think?

Still posting on insta on the regular.

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Oh I’m still about mate, thanks for the shout! :+1:

Destroyer though, what a movie! I still listen to the soundtrack a lot but this is a reminder that I really need to get it on dvd.

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I might, but the best thing for me would be to wait until I’m back home, which will be after the 15th (I think).

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Unlucky, Unlucky I think we’re going to have to do this Monday night. Sorry, mate. Would someone with powers change the thread title please? I can’t do it

Sense & Sensibility currently in the lead



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OMG film club again tonight


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and still time for Set It Up to make a late run

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