Film Club #29: roastthemonaspit Edition (Thurs 30th 8pm)

In a surprise to absolutely nobody, Bram Stoker’s Dracula wins !

Let me know if you weren’t added to the DM thread and would like to be.

yes please

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Incredible contrasting gary oldman’s incredible OTT performance with keanu’s hilarious accent.

Very bad film though, i wish you all good luck.

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aw, I definitely can’t do tonight. I might have a solo viewing of Dracula tomorrow, I haven’t seen it since it was in the cinema and quite fancy revisiting it. Y’all have fun now!

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This can mean a very good film club though thankfully


Eric also has awful film taste so there’s that


I mean, Burlesque was also on the list.

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Is this now?? Can I join?? I know I’m late!!

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Bad but funny but mostly bad

costume & set design were pretty great. almost everything else… not so much

except for the transitions i guess. there were some belters in there.


Original trilogy Star Wars Level of transitions

I thought it would be fun but it was quite bad.

it’s better to watch that film with your online pals than as a teenager with your parents imo


Bonus film club of Mr Roosevelt on Sunday DM sign up

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So when am I meant to do mine then?

First half of next week if that is convenient, you can pick the exact day :+1:

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Depending on the time I’m very down for this, looks like my glass o chilled water

I think I watched it in AS level Film Studies, have no idea why

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