Film Club #29: roastthemonaspit Edition (Thurs 30th 8pm)

8 / 8:30? It’s only 90 minutes unlike this which felt like a lifetime.

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May clash with my pub quiz, but I’ll def be giving it a watch anyways

are we still doing this

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I’m definitely still watching it

@laelfy have you picked a day for yours? I’m excited to vote for Step Up 2 and another film!

Thanks for the reminder - I’m probably going to go with wednesday as I have too much work on in the first part of the week to enjoy it properly. Will work on a thread later.

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Nice, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Mr Roosevelt tonight still?
@roastthemonaspit, @Jamos, @japes, @froglet, @shrewbie @anyoneelse

  • Yes, tonight!
  • No, tomorrow!
  • Not no never not no how!

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you forgot to @filmclubbers

Just went with the people who voted in the previous poll, didn’t think to add the group :upside_down_face:

Or me :open_mouth:

You were meant to be there, I kept getting distracted by a child who doesn’t understand that bedtime isn’t conversation time.

Sorry :frowning:

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Has @roastthemonaspit a spit ditched his own bonus film club?

Hey sorry I’ve had some family stuff to deal with so won’t be home on time. Watch it without me! Apologies.

That’s ok, hope everything is alright :crossed_fingers:

Sure you don’t want us to wait for you another time?

No no go for it.

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Can someone less prone to missing off names start the DM thread please? Scared of missing someone off.


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thread sent

if anyone else wants in, let me know

Yes please I’ll be able to watch some of it at least

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