Film Club #30: laelfy edition - Step Up 2 - ( TONIGHT Wed 5th Aug 8pm)

I’ve not seen it but I would like to - weird racist stuff aside I did enjoy Pitch Perfect.

It’s one of the films I try to suggest to my daughter as a family watch every time such things come up but she is pretty set on rewatching Harry Potter films :weary:

It’s not really anything like Pitch Perfect though so I would make any decisions based on that

Ooh, more intrigued I guess

BUMP! This is tomorrow night.

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if i watch knives out tonight can yous promise to not suddenly start voting for it


@filmclubbers please vote in the next two polls

Tiebreaker needed:

  • Edge of Seventeen
  • Step Up 2

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Do you want included in the PM thread

  • Yes please
  • No thanks

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host gets the deciding vote, shirley

No way do I want the responsibility for picking SU2. That’s on you lot.


Why isn’t your @filmclubbers working properly? Will this work? Who knows. Let’s see

You should probably disregard my vote here to be fair, probably going to be late to film club again

Dunno, maybe cause I’m not part of the gang?

Have you ever actually joined a film club on time?

It’s the goat life, takes it out of you


That’s a fair excuse :smiley:


@JaguarPirate you’re on the list after laelfy, you up for hosting later in the week?

Also, anyone who wasn’t on the hosting list want a turn? People who have joined in recently maybe - @avocado? @Gnometorious? @Witches?

We’re getting towards the end as it is, so I don’t know what people want to do afterwards. Back to categories, another round of hosting, some runners up polls…

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wouldn’t mind going back to pick a category and everyone makes a suggestion

could re-do previous categories?

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