Film Club #32 Unlucky edition (Thurs 13th Aug 8pm)

Is this a fun film? If I didn’t rate Mistress America OR Frances Ha, what are the chances I will like this? :face_with_monocle:

Not seen it…

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I really hated mistress america but I quite liked his last one (marriage story) so in conclusion… dunno

Think I’ll stick with Sopranos (final season, first time!!!) for tonight then. Next week, @filmclubbers!!!


Looking forward to your return :+1:


Samesies :purple_heart:

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Snubbed by the creator of film club :cry:


ah ffs didn’t realise adam sandler was in this

fucking hate adam sandler


Why I didn’t vote for it!

Still watching, ofc.

If Robin sleeps and I can find food I can make and eat very quickly :grimacing:

Or film club is going through its rebellious phase, like fuck you mum, you don’t GET ME

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Oh no. Even ‘good’ Sandler? ie Uncut Gems, Punch Drunk Love, Funny People?
This is more like those if that helps

ngl, i fucking love the sandman


@Unlucky can i get in on the group chat?

I’m a moderately big Baumbach fan and have been meaning to rewatch this for a while. Broadly pro-Sandler as well if I’m being honest (his arty stuff and when his comedies are good are enough to kind of justify the proper lazy shit, I guess)

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fwiw as well, Sandler is VERY good in this from what I recall

might watch this tonight actually in my late night Sergeant Manches’ Lonely Film Club Band screening (was gonna fork out for The Haunting but this is free)


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Sandler was excellent. What makes him so compelling? He just has an interesting range and combination of expressions and mannerisms I guess.

Would have liked the film more if Hoffman and Stiller weren’t in it. Completely lost interest whenever they were on screen.

Very annoying music too

Bruno was the best dog. We should have a The Best Dog category


was more impressed with stiller tbh

hoffman would have been far more interesting if they had made him slightly sympathetic

i would never have voted for it had i known sandler was in it. (also i thought that was robert de niro in the picture imdb had for it)

glad i watched it though

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@Witches you want to do yours this weekend maybe?