FILM CLUB #35: Eurovision: TSOFS Tonight 8pm

I didn’t know anything about though, I thought it was gonna be a smaltzy drama based on some true story.

wait… that didn’t really happen?


Perfect film after finishing a set of night shifts and having a beer and a tandoori mixed grill if you ask me


I’d take a night shift :wink:

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I literally did

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* (4 stars)

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I think my post that it was “if nothing else a good showcase of knit” is my highest praise of it.


next film club:

back to everyone nominating films, rather than being curated by one disser?
and we should do…

  • films by decade
  • films by genre again
  • films featuring actor / by director
  • other
  • don’t know

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unless there are some more people that were still to host an edition… feel free

@slicky and @manches were still due their turns, if they have days thry can do at whatever point

I like the odea of films by decade, but I don’t know how easy this would be to search on Netflix? I guess there are ways around that though.

i like the decade idea because then we don’t have to worry about who chooses what genre / what actor / what whatever we have to pick around :smiley:

might end up trapped in a neverending poll loop

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Could we split it into half decades for the later years? 2010-2020 seems like way too big a category

So long as we all agree that at some point it is mandatory to watch Space Jam and Troll Hunter I’m good with anything.

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Also I guess The Woman in the Window

How many times has that been nominated now?

sure, why not

I really want to watch this finally

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Can do it on justwatch fairly easily


not a massive amount of choice pre-1980 is there?

guess we’d have to do an ‘everything up to 1980’ edition rather than separate decades. looks okay after that though.

i was thinking older films would be cheaper to license and they would have loads to pick from, but i guess not

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I didn’t really look tbh. I thought you could maybe squeeze one out of 70s (but Mean Streets or something really silly would probably win)