Film Club #36: 🌊 WATERWORLD! (Wednesday 8pm) 🌊

Hello friends!


  • Have a look around Netflix for any films that are about the ocean in some way. You may nominate one or two titles that you want to watch with the film club.
  • The nomination deadline is on Tuesday at 8pm. We will then put it to the vote.
  • Vote remains open until Wednesday 6pm, and then at 8pm we watch whichever film has won.
  • You will get the option to sign up for the DM live chat while we watch the film, which is highly recommended. A sign-up poll will be posted at the same time as the film poll.
  • Anyone can join!

Have fun and keep the nominations flowing.

I will try to make a more exciting timer for the DM chat this time.

:whale: :octopus: :tropical_fish:
:ocean: :ocean: :ocean:

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The Reef

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I would like to nominate IN THE HEART OF THE SEA:

this is tough, none of the good submarine films and none of the good shark films are on there at the moment

Can’t believe Point Break isn’t on Netflix


no the meg, no sharknado

can’t believe sharks in venice isn’t on there, it’s ALWAYS on there


This is a really hard category

literally the two i was going to nominate

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Actually no. Only two! I’m being greedy.

K19 - The Widowmaker (Bigelow, 2002)
Adrift (Kormakur, 2018)

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The Reef

:shark: :shark: :shark:

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This is tenuous but I nominate

By the Sea


Tenuous links are the best links


how about

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this isn’t on uk netflix btw

though it’s on amazon