Film Club #37: LIFEFORCE! 👽 (Tuesday 8pm)

Greetings Earthlings,

what could be more natural than following up the ocean themed film club with a space themed edition!? Nothing, if you ask me. Nothing.


  • Have a look around Netflix for any films that are about space in some way. You may nominate one or two titles that you want to watch with the film club.
  • The nomination deadline is on Monday at 8pm. We will then put it to the vote.
  • Vote remains open until Tuesday 6pm, and then at 8pm we watch whichever film has won.
  • You will get the option to sign up for the DM live chat while we watch the film, which is highly recommended. A sign-up poll will be posted at the same time as the film poll.
  • Anyone can join!

Have fun and keep the nominations flowing.

Beam us up, Scotty!

:alien: :space_invader:

(And sorry @anon67149139, we won’t be watching ACK ACK ACKK again)
(We also will not be watching Space Jam again)


Is this on UK 'flix?

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Ak akk-ack


This one is set in Norway!

Looks like Apollo 11 has been taken off already, which is a shame.

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I’m sold.

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:rocket: REMEMBER TO NOMINATE :rocket:

Struggling with this one tbh

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you’d think there’d be tons of space films on there eh? but no

there’s a couple i kind of fancy but i can’t tell if they’re in space or not and don’t want to read too much about them in case they get spoiled


Give us the names and I’ll look them up, I forget stuff like this almost instantly so I don’t think it’d ruin them for me.

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are these in space? look like the could be

Not many goods on there. First Man is excellent but isn’t on there til Friday.

I’ll nominate the classic space comedy with jolly hijinks, The Martian please


Both seem like they are earth-bound sci-fi

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I really enjoyed First Man. I think it was the last film I saw at the cinema :frowning:


i am mother has two spaces in the title… does that count?