Film Club #38: FIRST MAN! (Friday 8pm) 👨‍🚀 🥇

In honour of history week, let’s get historical in the film club!

Hopefully this will take you to the historical section of Netflix, but obviously feel free to look around.


  • Have a look around Netflix for any films that are about history or historical events in some way. You may nominate one or two titles that you want to watch with the film club.
  • The nomination deadline is on Thursday at 8pm. We will then put it to the vote.
  • Vote remains open until Friday 6pm, and then at 8pm we watch whichever film has won.
  • You will get the option to sign up for the DM live chat while we watch the film, which is highly recommended. A sign-up poll will be posted at the same time as the film poll.
  • Anyone can join!

Let’s make this one for the DiStory books, pals.

also @ #historyweek general @TheBarbieMovie2023


Noah is placed in this category. Just saying.


I would like to nominate First Man

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I would like to nominate these two:

If either of these are not on UK Netflix please let me know and I will amend my nominations accordingly.

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How about The Bounty? I’ve never seen it

Bit mean to @NoahVale


Both available :+1:

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was convinced that this robin hood was a guy ritchie film, was well up for that

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Both of these are on my watchlist but never felt in the mood for them. Reckon they’ll be good film club films

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warning: is three hours and forty three minutes long. Looks good though



223 minutes of boundless joy, probably

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Brilliant film, that.

Remember seeing this in the cinema and finding bits ofit really annoying, but being awestruck with the very young Saorsie Ronan in the lead role. So good. Didn’t rate the rest of the film personally but w/e

If you like historical films this is a great YouTube follow;