FILM CLUB #50? - films beginning with W - Wednesday 8pm


I think this is number 50? Not sure

Please nominate films beginning with W. If there aren’t enough we’ll expand to WXYZ.

Nominations close tomorrow evening. The film will be at 8pm on Wednesday unless anyone has any objections


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The one we’ve all been waiting for


looks like there’s a remake or something coming soon because when i searched to make sure it’s still on there (it is!) this was the first result

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oh god

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White Tiger has just gone up on netflix

(also, White Chicks is on there)

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And Whisky Galore! is on iPlayer


or this

saw warrior at the cinema, in a double header with killer elite. what a day

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Opened up Netflix to look for a film and this was on the home page

Saucy young swindler


Last call for nominations @filmclubbers

I saw it like that too but in a duo with Raging Bull and i kinda preferred it …

Ughhh alphabetical sorting isn’t working on justwatch

it was surprisingly decent tbf but I’m going to have to pretend I didn’t read that spoiler

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Wonder is a sweet film and We’re The Millers is good daft fun. Both on Netflix.

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Poll time! What Would you like to Watch tomorroW?

  • Woman in the window
  • Wild wild west
  • Whisper of the heart
  • White tiger
  • White chicks
  • Whiskey galore (iplayer)
  • Wildlife
  • Warrier
  • Wild target
  • Wonder
  • We’re the millers

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Will you be joining in the DM chat?

  • Yes please
  • No thanks

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Always thought this was called Wildfire

Not a lot happens in it so wouldn’t be the best film club film.

private polls is it

Oh ffs

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