Film Club #53b: GALAXY QUEST! TONIGHT (Sunday, 8pm)

Here are the ones nominated last week:

  • Titanic
  • American Psycho
  • Se7en
  • Ronin
  • Friday
  • Clueless
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Panic Room
  • American History X

Please go ahead and nominate some more titles that you might want to watch with us, by 8pm Tuesday evening (must be available on Netflix, or for free on Youtube etc.). On Wednesday, we vote.

@filmclubbers and others welcome.




AS IF that wasn’t already included!? @avocado

Oh I thought this was for stating my choice but thats for the polls oops :sweat_smile:

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is titanic even streaming anywhere?

sort of want to rewatch american beauty but spacey has ruined it hasn’t he

does dumb and dumber count? that might be fun? I assume it hasn’t aged horrifically at all

Yeah :grimacing: I mean just imagine that scene with Mena Suvari on the couch… Ugh.

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canadian netflix

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Why haven’t we watched Galaxy Quest yet!?

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i’ve never seen this

I’ve seen it once and might have been drunk or very hungover at the time, but seem to remember it being fun. Might save it for like a space comedy type category though!?

along with all those other space comedies

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There are a few, tbh. Just ask @frenchtoast



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It’s excellent

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Galaxy Quest is really one of the great comedies I think. I guess maybe if you’ve never taken any interest in Star Trek it might lose some of the references but timing and everything is spot on regardless.

How do I keep forgetting to do the polls for these when I’ve even pinned the threads!? Jesus

Back on laptop soon and will set up the poll. GET READY

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i was just about to hit send on a PM asking if you wanted me to do it :smiley:

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