Film Club #6: WEST SIDE STORY! (Monday 8pm)

Welcome to the next, and hopefully more successful, instalment of the film club! This one will take place on Monday at 8pm UK time. This time we’re going to be watching a fiction film about music! Fictionalised versions of true stories are of course allowed, but no documentaries will be included in the poll.

By clicking here you can see some of what is on offer, but feel free to have a look around the place as well. As ever, not all of the films in that category are even relevant for us.

If anything catches your fancy, you may suggest one or two titles in this thread, the deadline for doing so is on Sunday at 8pm (I will be reminding you by bumping this thread).

Once the deadline has been reached, I will post a poll with the suggested titles and we vote! Poll closes at 6pm on Monday, 2 hours before watching commences. You have the option of joining in a live chat in a DM thread as we all watch the film (you can sign up for this later on), or you can join us back here to discuss the film afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

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I would like to nominate Florence Foster Jenkins and Whiplash!

not quite my tempo

it’s not on netflix

is that still a rule? or can we nominate any film we want?

neither of those are on there :frowning:

If only Crossroads was on Netflix :grin:

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(great film)

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Goddammit, they’re both on there for me.

Let me know if this is another stupid category with hardly any films, and we’ll do something else instead.

no, there’s bizarrely fucking millions

not sure how many are total shite / concert videos or whatever. will have a look through.

No Whiplash on UK Netflix. TBH, there’s not a lot on that list, but Begin Again is a lot better than you might expect for a film that has James Corden in it. It’s basically cheesy but likeable, from the same director as Once and Sing Street.

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The Beyonce film is incredible, but imagine most people have seen it already. Its not a category of riches on the UK version sadly.

straight outta compton?

reckon there’s a decent chance of some police brutality in that


West Side Story
(1961, dir: Jerome Robbins & Robert Wise)

What Happened, Miss Simone?
(2015, dir: Liz Garbus)

Have watched it quiet recently and can confirm it features police brutality.

i’ll probably turn the sound up if i watch it

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anywhere we can watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston?

idk maybe everybody has watched it already

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there are some good ones on Youtube.

the Fugazi and Slint documentaries, the ATP one…

We’re not doing documentaries, see OP

Wizard of Oz (1939)


With Dark side of the moon! (seriously considered trying this the other night)