Film Club: Glasgow Film Festival Special 01/03/21 Black Bear


Mentioned this in a previous thread and a few people were up for it so thought I’d start a thread for nominations

If youre interested please nominate a film from the link below. Tickets are all £9.99 (pls dm me if youre interested but are short of funds)

The date will depend on the film chosen but between 24 Feb-10th Mar

Will probably close nominations on 23rd to have a vote off.

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I’ll nominate


Good idea, will have a proper look later.

Ak akak och aye

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tentatively in for this

will depend what the film is

Nomiiiinate then

Bump someone else do some nominating pls @filmclubbers

would be up for black bear and maybe also first cow

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how about



The Swordsman


Still want to nominate?

i’ve already paid up for riders of jusrtice and the swordsman :+1:

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I’ll get you in the chat if they win the vote.

Actually I realised it’s probably geo blocked so not for me. Have fun though!

Just checked at it says most are UK only sorry :frowning:

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Yeah most/all festivals do that. Don’t worry though, I’m sure I’ll manage somehow!

Voice of silence

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As Creation Stories/Minari are only until Saturday and I only can do tomorrow and that wouldn’t give people time to vote maybe, im gonna exclude them from the poll.

  • Riders of Justice (26/02-01/03)
  • Black Bear (27/02-02/03)
  • Redemption of a Rogue (27/02-02/03)
  • The Swordsman (28/02-03/03)
  • Voice of Silence (04/03-07/03)
  • First Cow (05/03-08/03)
  • Gunda (07/03-10/03)

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  • I would be up for a bonus bonus film club tomorrow (Thursday), watching either Creation Stories or Minari
  • Nah

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minari, mibbes aye

not fussed about watching alan mcgee: wee man (the movie) though