Film Club Talk #1: BLINDSPOTTING

Well, thanks to Netflix for putting that in the comedy category. That was truly a rollercoaster of emotion. Some great acting amongst other stuff.

What did everyone think?


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Live chat was FUN.

Good film, good acting (Good critiquing eh). Instant rating 8/10.

Would probably watch it again.


the scene where the kid finds the gun was a proper gut punch. i think because you genuinely have no idea how it will end.


Looking forward to hearing from people who were not in the live chat as well (gonna go to bed soon though)

I struggled a bit with the comedic elements of it. Don’t remember finding much funny, but was pleasantly surprised by how it developed and the ending. Thought it was quite powerful in parts, but could have been better as a…straighter drama without the sort of buddy aspect, idk.

I think we were all expecting something different, as it was tagged as a comedy. But I like that it doesn’t play it safe in terms of style and execution – and I think the buddy aspect is very essential to the way the story unfolds, tbh.

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Ah didn’t know you were doing this. Love that film

i dunno, i think the tonal shifts enhanced the more dramatic parts. never felt like there was a scene that was undercut by a punchline or anything like that, they managed to give plenty of room after the big scenes to let things settle back down.


Just finished.

Really enjoyed it - very well acted, and incredibly powerful storytelling. My heart was in my mouth during the scene with the kid that @japes mentioned up thread.

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can we rate all the films we watch for this? we fkn love rating things on here

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Oh no, I didn’t realise this was last night. I would have joined in :frowning:

I did say the wrong date initially, sorry about that — but we’ll do another one really soon!

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I gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 on Letterboxd. What really makes it for me is the way you really get to feel Colin’s own fear of the police in your bones as you watch it. Maybe the most powerful scene for me was when he was walking along the street (with Miles’s gun in his pocket :sob:) and the police car drives by and then stops. Terrifying and heartbraking. Same when Miles’ kid puts his hands up and says don’t shoot.

Someone on Letterboxd said they wish they’d made Miles the main character instead of Colin, but to me that just means you haven’t really understood what the film is about at all. Colin being a black man is at the very essence of what the film is about.

Minus points for explaining the title in the film though :sweat_smile:

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Great choice of film for Film Club! Engrossing, and at times made me feel so anxious. Dodged some of the obvious tropes and predictable bits you (I) thought were coming. Now I’ve seen it all, I get what was going on with the jarring smashes from tone to tone. Initially thought we were in for a bit of a cheech & chong lol weed buddy movie, and that’s where my head was at right at the start where the six guns suddenly appear. But then SMASH… oh boy, we’re in for a rollercoaster. Tuned out a bit when they started rapping early on, cos, it’s just not for me (that obviously comes a powerful 360 at the end) and the hairdressers scene… really leads you down one path then whips the rug out from under you.

Came away from it utterly relieved. Not that it was over, but that nothing really fucking awful happened. While at the time I think I wanted more of the Miles / partner / child relationship, it wasn’t about them, other than Miles slowly coming to terms with that he’s a piece of shit. This is the story of one dude and just how fucking awful the world can be if you’re in his shoes. Two leads were great.

I said in the live chat that I’ve got a bit of a mental distancing (?) when it comes to films about ex-cons trying to turn their life around, but Colin just felt like a dude weighed down by all the bullshit white America throws at him, and trying to just be himself. Not a role model, not a hero, just a normal bloke who wants to get on with life and be better than he was before, and better than society tells him that he is.

5/5 choice for a film for film club, and 2/5 rating based purely on whether I’d want to watch it again. I haven’t got the brain or cultural wherewithal to analyse it as a piece of art.



I was thinking maybe even over the weekend sometime, but idk???

Also if anyone wants more/a different take on the same kind of material, I can recommend this one, more of a YA kind of thing but pretty powerful:

Oh even better! :smiley:

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really appreciated that when they got to the flashback of the bar fight it wasn’t just a hilarious but unfortunate misunderstanding like you were probably expecting it to be


I loved that bit. It was very funny until suddenly it wasn’t at all