FILM CLUB: Westworld! (Sunday April 25th, 8pm)

Welcome to the next film club instalment!

The very broad theme for this one is: Films That For Some Reason You Haven’t Seen (but that are freely available on Netflix or similar).

Please nominate one or two titles that you would like to watch with the DiS Film Club, by 8pm tonight (Monday) at the latest. Then we will have a vote, and whichever film wins is the one we watch together tomorrow evening! We use Discord for a live chat as we watch the film.

Anyone is welcome to join in!


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I had a film in mind for film club the other day but I’ve forgotten what it was now.

Great post.


That happens to me so often.

Star Wars

the snyder cut

Will happily do a marathon with you at a later date, not quite up for it atm

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My two nominations are:

  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Snakes on a Plane

These two popping up across streaming platforms and my realisation that I’ve not seen either one is very much what fuelled this thread.

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easy rider is on netflix, never seen that. is it good? not that into motorcycle men really but maybe it is good

It’s got lots of famous bits in it, but it’s also quite dated

It’s best when Jack Nicholson is in it but that’s only a few scenes


Like all films of the period it features the mandatory acid trip scene

Presumably people who have never seen Star Wars reach a point where they will never watch Star Wars as otherwise they would never again be able to tell anyone that they have never seen Star Wars

Add your own punctuation

Ghostbusters. Saw the cartoon spin off but don’t think I’ve seen the original film.

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just snort laughed at the thought of these two films being shown as a double bill and people trying to work out what possible theme could connect them


I’ve seen both once and I’m only up for a repeat viewing of one of them

Excellent! :ghost:

am i allowed to pretend i’ve never seen something just so’s i can nominate it

No, that’s cheating. But if you say what it is maybe one of us hasn’t seen it and might choose to nominate it.

nvm I found one

been on my watchlist for about six years and for some reason i’ve never got round to it

it’s about child soldiers so i’m sure it’ll make a really good light hearted film club


Good theme!

  • Scarface (1983)
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
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I managed only a bit of this, its so sad :sob:
Would watch again though to finish it, films like this are important imo

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