Film Clubbers, assemble

@japes can you post the ranking list pls

Fair, I’ll back you for that.

Though tbh my first choice sport vote would be Rudy, then likely a late switch to FNL when no-one else votes for Rudy.

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the league table:

Film Score
Princess Mononoke 4.30
The Miseducation Of Cameron Post 4.14
The Raid: Redemption 3.93
The Cabin In The Woods 3.91
What Happened, Miss Simone? 3.88
Blindspotting 3.67
Midnight Run 3.58
Fruitvale Station 3.55
Mars Attacks! 3.54
Mistress America 3.54
The Living End 3.13
Always Be My Maybe 3.09
West Side Story 3.09
Rango 3.00
Noah 2.55
The Devil’s Bride 2.25

Strange how Noah is so low when that was maybe the most fun. Reflects quality of the film rather than quality of the Film Club experience I guess.


lol yeah whenever i see it i’m like “i can’t believe noah is so low! it should… well aye, fair enough”


devil’s bride is the only one to score < 2.5

ie it is the only “bad” film we’ve watched so far

I wouldn’t mind doing some if required in future


We really should have watched Trollhunter for that one, I watched that a few days after and it was great and would have been fun for watching together.

Maybe we could do monster films with a loose definition of monsters?

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what’s the protocol then? should i just post a thread for one and see what happens?

Street dance movies

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Would watch

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Yesss :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Yeah, that’s what I do! Obviously you can look at any of my previous threads for ~inspiration~ if you so choose.

Oh and I’ll sticky man it of course

Isn’t that a Meat Loaf song?


let’s see how badly i can fuck this up.

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Consider myself a film club regular but I only joined 7 of these

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Legit can’t remember anything about Midnight Run.

everyone kept getting knocked out by getting bopped once on the head

think it’s the worst of the ones i’ve filmclubbed for

I had to google it, was conpletely blank :joy::joy:


i did the exact same thing when i was posting that table. was like ‘midnight run’? what the fuck was that? did i miss one?

just had a weird complete mental block on it

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