Film goals for 2023

bit late for new years resolutions so think of this as just … film things you would like to achieve. Not about STATS or anything like that, maybe just motivation to finally get round to some stuff you’ve been missing out on

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for me, get through this shortlist I pulled from the Sight and Sound poll:

  • Watching a bunch of Marilyn Monroe’s stuff
  • Finally watching Cache @TKC
  • Finally watching Grave of the Fireflies
  • Watch more of Almodovar’s films, basically only seen his new ones from the last 5 or so years
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As part of my partner’s desire to refine her French, we’re watching 23 French films in 2023, and we’ve called the project vingt-trois en deux mille vingt-trois, which means 23 in 23, thanks.

We’ve watched 5 so far.

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I’ve really gotten stuck on choosing shows over films on my time off, which is silly cause there are so many films I want to watch that don’t fit in with my work. So basically I would just like to remind myself that you can also watch films at home when chilling on the couch


yeah so easy to convince yourself that watching a film takes too much time and effort, and then just watching 2 hours worth of a complex drama show anyway


I’ve watched one film this year, that’s enough for me.

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I was going to try and watch one film from every country then realised what a huge undertaking that would be. Settling for trying to watch 200 films. I am currently 13% of the way there.

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I’ve watched 36 of the BFI top 100 Film Noirs list. I’d like to say I’ll finish it this year but I think hitting 75 is a more realistic target.

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and post to the noir thread as you go

Yeah I keep meaning to do that. I finish a lot of them and just think, “s’alright, it’s no Out of the Past though is it?” though.

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I’d quite like to be recognised by the academy, and win an Oscar or two.


might watch a film


When I have a less busy weekend I want to have a classic rom-com marathon. Not necessarily all in one night, maybe like a set of five where I watch one a night. Either way if it goes well I’ll probably do ones with other genres/directors or whatever takes my fancy.

Potential themes: Musicals, Wuxia, Annie Award Best Independent Features, etc.

Also I don’t have any streaming services atm, might become a blu-ray wanker. Saw some neat-looking box sets at the local HMV.

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This is a big one for me, started to get better at it recently. Think I also need to plan out films for the week in advance so to avoid scrolling through a watchlist and then falling back on TV.

Other goals include

  • Watch films that have been sat on the watchlist for forever (done this with Shape of Water, Black Swan and Only Lovers Left Alive this year)
  • Pick out some films to watch from the Moments That Made the Movies book I have and the actually read the piece on them

Oh, on the forever-watchlist thing

  • Finally watch The Wrestler with my friend after we agreed we were gonna watch it together and bought the DVD oooh 10 or more years ago
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Probably this one for me…


Wanna watch more luis ospina films

Maybe just in general plan the films I’m gonna watch in advance at home instead of aimlessly trawling through mubi or netflix for hours before just choosing something that sounds easy cos I’m knackered


It was ‘Miss Congeniality’. 10/10.

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I now have a 7-film programme of films I haven’t seen before (including My Fair Lady, What’s Up Doc, Roman Holiday and 10 Things I Hate About You), and I’ll start on Friday.

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Keep a better track of what I’ve seen before

Don’t be afraid of rewatches

Go back to watching older films

Don’t be dictated by whatevers on streaming services