Film goals for 2023

Might also start a Letterboxd


Didn’t set out to do anything in particular other than finally work through my watchlist, but thanks to having some time off work, being ill and not being able to see my son I’ve racked up some serious film time already this year.

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  1. Watch two films on MUBI per week and
  2. Watch the rest of Mia Hansen-Løve’s films

• Compete the Weekly Movie Challenge again this year:

• Complete my watch a film from every year since 1900 idea. Only have these to do:
1900 | 1901 | 1904 | 1905 | 1906 | 1907 | 1908 | 1909 | 1910 | 1911 | 1912 | 1913 | 1914 | 1915 | 1916 | 1917 | 1918 | 1919 | 1921 | 1923 | 1924 | 1925

• Continue to chip away at the 1001 Movies book. Currently watched 467/1245 so maybe get to 500, although that might be tricky.

• Watch 10 more from Sight And Sound Top 100 List to get to 50%.

• Watch my first film from these Directors:
Ingmar Bergman
Yasujiro Ozu
Agnes Varda
John Cassavedes
Masaki Kobayashi
Abbas Kiarostami
Francois Truffaut
Robert Bresson
Jacques Demy
Robert Altman
Henri-Georges Clouzot
Jacques Tati

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I’ve decided this year will finally be the year I physically force myself to watch The Godfather (1972, dir. Francis Ford Coppola).

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I’ve never seen The Wicker Man, something I need to rectify this year.


Make an appointment…and make sure you keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.

Go to the cinema more is my aim.

For some reason I’ve almost stopped going and only saw one film last year.

For me, was one of the ones that entirely lived up to the hype (only saw it a couple of years back)

Then we made it a double bill with the Nic Cage version, and whooooo boy

Personally, I would suggest that @hanshotfirst just skip straight to this one :+1:


I do not want to have a single month where I am in single-digits of number of films watched that month. I REFUSE TO

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I need to work on some of my box sets.

Kurosawa, 5 unwatched
Mizoguchi, 5 unwatched
Hitchcock, loads unwatched
Almodovar, 4 unwatched
Haneke, 2 unwatched

Think I might have a couple of blu rays still in their shrink wrap too, some for probably 10 years or more.

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Overall goal is to watch more movies given how much TV I’ve watched in recent years.

I’m using two weekly challenges to help work through my 600+ long Letterboxd watchlist.

The first of the twitter challenge linked above.

The second is one I found on Letterboxd.

After signing up for MUBI for 3 months I plan on getting a BFI sub and getting through all the Kurosawa on my watchlist.

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So…have just signed up to Letterboxd because of this thread. Never used it before? Any tips for a rookie?

Obvious tip from me would be to find and follow people who have similar tastes to yourself. If you are aware of any critics who you tend to agree with then their presence on Letterboxd can be a great way of identifying movies you’re likely to enjoy.

Also, make sure to edit your profile to include all the streaming platforms you have access to or subscribe to.

Beyond that it’s start logging and adding to your watch list.

I feel like I’ve gotten good value out of my Pro subscription even though I could no longer tell you what you get with it beyond no ads and a richer yearly wrap up.