film irks

don’t like when the film title comes on at the end of the film. even worse when it’s the last shot.

When they don’t say the name of the film at some point and knowingly look at the camera.


When the words ‘Directed by McG’ appear on screen.

This has never happened @japes. Why are you saying this?

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sometimes i like to play games where i bring in a snack but won’t be allowed to start eating it until they say the name of the film… or like can’t start until the first explosion or something

tweak rules depending on the film


Characters explaining the story to one another, specifically if it’s a Professor Explainington type who explains it to the rest of them.


happens all the time m9

Moneypenny “You mean this is some sort of…”
Bond “Yes, a Quantum of Solace”

NOBODY DOES IT BETTER :musical_note:


Like when?

I never have any idea what’s going on without Professor Explainington

almost certain that joker does this

Have you seen it?


So how are you only “almost” certain?

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When it’s made by marvel


Characters saying each others names conversationally as a means of communicating what each other’s names are to the audience even though nobody ever talks like that in real life is a thing that irks me in films, Japes.


because i can’t remember 100%

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oh yeah that’s a good one

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Or when they say the character’s relationship to them, so that you KNOW they are brother and sister or something.

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Putting the phone down without saying goodbye
Starting a phone call without a hello. Launching straight into the conversation.

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