Film photography


Who is into film photography?

I got one of these really cheap earlier this summer. I sadly haven’t used it yet though, because it was really cheap because it had the viewfinder top rather than the waist level screen, and it weighs a ton. Spending another £60 on the screen isn’t my top priority right now though, esp when I’m going to move house soon.

I got some of this too. I’ve had the negatives developed in C41, but not got round to scanning them yet. They look promising, but it’s hard to tell with colour negatives. The film is supposed to look like the old surreal colour infrared film you used to be able to get in the 70s. Let’s see if it actually does.


I just use Instagram.


It’s not the same if you don’t spend your time around chemicals that smell bad.


That’s why my Insta account is @fuckyeahtanneries


looks good that camera. @Tilly does some good stuff, i dont know if shes been using expired film or wat but now ive SUMMONED her she can tell you cant she


@shyguy2013 and @Tilly


doing a ‘photog’ project right now. i set out at the beginning and said i was going to do the whole thing on film, but got 4 rolls back and got about 2 pictures i was happy with and cost me about £50 so i went back to digital


Yeah that’s why I bought a film scanner that does medium format as well. About 12 years ago I used to work in the lab of a camera shop. I got almost a sack full of expired film for about £15 or so, because they were cutting down on stock to sell more digital cameras and didn’t realise that people deliberately buy expired film (it didn’t seem in my interest to tell them). It wasn’t an issue when I worked in the lab and could stick my own stuff through for free, but once I was no longer working there, but still working through that whole drawer of film in the freezer, it was painful to spend a tenner per roll in development.

I got the scanner in 2007 for about £150 and I have no idea how much it has saved me over the years. Esp with b&w, I can develop the negatives in a developing tank in the kitchen sink without a darkroom, and then scan them and it’s practically free as you don’t use much of the chemistry.


years ago i was

used to cross-process film and scan the negs myself

then my LC-A+ broke and i was really sad and i fucked it all off


How did it break? There’s easy stuff you can do to fix it yourself.


i honestly can’t remember

it was years ago and i sold it for spares


Often it’s just the battery contacts going a bit dodgy, and you can clean them up with some sandpaper and alcohol.

I used to travel to ex Iron Curtain countries a lot for work, and get Lomo/soviet cameras a lot, and clean them up and fix them. Some I kept for myself, and some I sold on ebay. Most of the fixes were pretty simple stuff.


gf used to use her lca all the time, cracking little camera. did a load of cross processing and slide film stuff and did some experiments with deliberately damaging the film by soaking it in red wine and leaving it on the radiator and stuff. dead interesting. keep trying to get her back into it but doesnt get around to it, plus theres a stack of films to be developed and she cant seem to find a reliable lab


You’re in MCR, right? These people are great I’ve used them for prints for years.


stopped bothering with film/sold up about five years ago, but in the last 18 months or so have slowly got back into 35mm stuff - i have an om-10. also have an olympus trip 35 that i shove in my bag on days out. medium format is too expensive, although technically i could probably borrow a camera but can only afford asda 35mm processing, lol.

misc camera things:
• i’ve got some expired fujifilm superia 400 from 2001 that i need to use/get developed. give me a shout if anyone wants some and i can send you a roll, cause i don’t really have the camera for it <3
• i need to know more people because i have a studio but never really done studio portrait stuff (no models). would like to.
• inherited a couple of unused cameras that i need to pass on to someone who will use them (a box brownie and an is-1000, or something).
• have been going on about how much i want an x-pro1 for years on here ;________;


I’ve summoned here but in all honesty I don’t know anything. I just take pictures with old SLRs and develop the film in a little tank.

The film I use is normally expired, but it’s been stored sensibly so won’t turn in to anything crazy. I tried cross-processing once (slide film in c-41) and everything just turned out orange so I won’t bother with that again. I made my own redscale film a few years ago and that turned out really well though.


Recently got given my grandad’s old Olympus trip. The light cell still works fine, which was surprising. It also still has the original instructions inside the case. I asked my mum if he never used it, and it just lived in a cupboard, but apparently he used it all the time.


yeah ive used them a few times, insanely cheap for prints but i dunno, i think she had some problems with them once and it put her off


Yeah xpro is really hit and miss, you can either get amazing colours or a sludgy mess. The slide films I’ve had best luck with are Fuji Astia (that no-where seems to sell- it’s supposed to be a subtle, neutral, tasteful portrait film in E6 but goes an amazing green in C41) and Kodak Ektachrome which goes bright blue and yellow. I’ve seen people getting great results with Fuji Velvia on the internet, but mine have never come out good with that film, like the whole picture is one big green or orange mess.


I can’t remember exactly what film I used but I wouldn’t describe it as either ‘amazing colours’ or a ‘sludgy mess’, it was somewhere in the middle.

Here’s a couple of them: