Film question

What was the last film you saw for the first time and was it any good?

Cloud Atlas. Enjoyed it more than the book, but I didn’t like the book that much.

It was ok.

The Breakfast Club, a couple of weeks ago on Netflix. It was pretty dated but serves as a useful document to the era I guess.

The Ladykillers (original)

superb Ealing comedy. don’t make 'em like that any more man

Isnt this just the film thread?

Brazilian drama called Aquarius about a woman refusing to move out of an apartment block to make way for a new tower block. Was decent but the overall metaphor was extremely laboured.

This is not ‘just the film thread’: this is a NoahVale film thread

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wind river i think

i liked it

12 Angry Men. Brilliant. Can’t believe I’d not watched it before now.

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Blade Runner 2049

Yeah, it was good. Guy next to me smelled like a tree full of decaying hippies but yeah, good.

Guess he won’t be getting a 2nd date with you then?

Don’t even joke :nauseated_face:


maybe Paddington

it was good

He’s Just Not That Into Your

Verdict: terrible

Blade Runner 2049. In a different league to the first one which I watched again for the first time since 1982.

The guy who sat next to me didn’t smell of anything, so either I’ve got a cold or I smell like a tree of dead hippies myself.

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yes, I enjoyed it.


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Snowden. It was okay. 6/10.

*You, not your lol