Film School

Discovered these recently and like their sound, esp their more recent stuff like the ‘Bright To Death’ album.

I see they’d put out some singles last year but have they an album coming?

I can’t seem to find their Twitter - if they have one?

Anyone else a fan?


i only really know their self-titled album, this is a cracker

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Yeah, I love Bright to Death and Hideout which is bit rougher, perhaps like Swervedriver - less dreamy.

Really hoping they have a new album coming. Annoyingly they seem to be one of a number of shoegaze adjacent bands that don’t seem to tour much (under normal circumstances) internationally that often.

Not heard these before - well in the mood for it - thanks!

Good band imo.

Yeah loved their self-titled debut and Hideout was a good follow up…also like the more recent material but favour the early stuff

nice cross between shoegaze and post-punk

Love this tune in particular

Admittedly the only Film School tune I know, but it is a banger. Really should get into them more.

This is a tune too -