Film spin-off thread: not great films that you REALLY like

not talking about your “”““hiliarious””“” or “”“bad on purpose”“” shit like tommy wiseau or hobo with a shotgun, films that are just not all that but that you really like for some reason.

like i really like the stephen soderbergh film ‘contagion’ from a few years back. think i’ve seen it like 4 times by now. not even sure why i like it so much. will probably watch it again soon.


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you lie, you think that it’s THE BEST

Tin Cup


Contagion is from that period where Soderburgh was just making too many films for any of them to be really good.

It’s not awful or owt but I can’t imagine actively watching it again.

I would watch middling 90s CGI underwater thriller Sphere again if it was on telly tonight.

Also Event Horizon.


Old Arnie guff like Red Sonja.

Marie Antoinette
Mike Bassett: England Manager


Clerks is a good film? I mean it’s definitely a cut above “not all that”. Now if you’d said Clerks II…

For me, the one that springs to mind is the comedy Nuns on the Run. I was tempted to put Without a Clue but it’s got 60% on Rotten Tomatoes so I guess it’s probably just not that well known.

i mean he hasn’t really made anything GOOD in a long time, but compared to that shitpile about the pharmaceutical drama thing it’s gold

Pretty much every action film of the 80s and 90s. Especially Face Off.

Detention with Josh Hutcherson. Its really bad and makes no sense but is fucking joyous. Got some sort of horror plot, typical shit teen movie tropes, Josh Hutcherson is front and centre, and a time travel plot. Fantastic

Once every couple of years I’ll somehow stumble across the beginning of Remember the Titans on TV and end up watching the whole thing. And despite it basically being a Disney after school anti-racism yarn with all the subtlety of a hammer to the chops I’ll shed a bucket of tears each and every time.

is a great film though!

Nah Behind the Candelabra was ace and Side Effects was also very enjoyable

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Wild Wild West. No idea why people hate it so much, it’s loads of fun.

Also, Stallone’s Judge Dredd. I can understand why people hate that. It must be infuriating for hardcore 2000 AD fans. But as a piece of camp 90s action sci-fi, it’s brilliant. Works very well when watched back to back with Fifth Element and Kurt Russell’s Soldier.


This list and my top ten film list from the other thread will probably overlap perfectly. For the sake of mixing it up though, my top films for this would be:

The 40 Year Old Virgin

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I love all of the 40 y/o Virgin style comedies. Started trying to watch a load of serious films I hadn’t seen last night and ended up just watching Old School.

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Anyone else like The Cable Guy on here?