Film Thread #27,548: With which film character do you most closely identify?

Was watching Moonlight last night and I can imagine that very many people would identify strongly with the main character and the struggles he goes through.

One of the more obscure characters in alphaville, probs.

I identify strongly with unimportant white guy who gets wiped out in act one.

Randall in Clerks

The bus in Speed.

I want to say Enid from ghost world but Seymour is probably more accurate

Maybe Willard (remake version)


As s kid Johnny 5 from short circuit

Jim Stark obvs

he a sit down pisser?

Brandt from the Big Lebowski

You’d have thought so wouldn’t you

dunno, darth vader is the first that comes to mind for some reason


sometimes the character on the left, sometimes the character on the right

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The bad monkey from Monkey Shines

something about a helmet

I haven’t ‘identified’ with a film character since I was about 15

So that would be River Phoenix as Danny Pope in ‘Running on Empty’