Film thread: Monthly or rolling forever (yearly)?



Hello, fellow film watchers of DiS!

Our friend @bugduv has mentioned in another thread that he once suggested breaking the massive rolling film thread into monthly threads. Apparently he was told to fuck off at the time of making the original suggestion, but I think it sounds really good, to be honest – I never go in the massive film thread as it’s just too massive.

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: The idea is not to have threads that are only for films released that specific month. Just a new thread each month. (End edit.)

This thread is for discussing the format of future film threads on this here social board. Seeing as the new year will soon be upon us, it’s as good an occasion as any.


  • Yearly
  • Monthly
  • Other (please specify)
  • Joke answer (please specify)

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Please feel free to expand on your choice below.

2018 January Film DiScussion Thread

Might be a shite idea, but i just think it might make for better discussion rather than it just be about five thousand posts of people making lists.

The other bugbear, and i’m probably in the minority, but it’d be better if we kept it to films released that month, or current films at least.

Ultimately just a thread innit, but those two things would make me watch more new films, and engage with others more about them.

2018 January Film DiScussion Thread

Monthly seems a bit arbitrary, different release dates and even so people see things at different times. Did you see thingything? Yeah we talked about it in the february thread. Ok.


Maybe split it to have a monthly thread for new releases from that month, and then a rolling one for general older films?


This is a reasonable enough point.

Is there enough interest in TV and films generally to make a seperate board feasible (or is that a shite idea)?


I guess this could be a solution. I mean, lots of films (and TV shows) get separate threads as it is anyway.

Meanwhile, for the monthly thread thing I for one didn’t really think to limit each thread to films released that month, just what people have seen that month. I do see the arguments against it, but also still think it would make it more accessible for more people.


@rich-t, please specify!


thread per new film
plus all encompassing “i just watched” for old films


Personally I like it as it is, allows lots of free form discussion between new things, future releases and old films that people are just discovering. I feel that if we split the thread up much, one or more of those aspects would suffer. So for me I enjoy the chance to have a large group of people that might want to chat with me about Psycho, even though it’s 100 years old, whereas that wouldn’t really have a place in a monthly thread and I wouldn’t make a thread for a classic film that most people have seen, as it’d get little response.

But that’s just me for me.


it is a bit daunting though when you don’t read it for a day, then come back and it’s like 500 new posts or something


As I said, the way that I personally envisioned it, it wouldn’t be limited to films released that month or anything. Just a new thread for a fresh start each month, kind of.


I love that but totally get why it doesn’t work for a lot of people.


not sure about only allowing new film chat, just have it be a free for all imo.


Read the thread, mate. That’s not what it’s about.


gigantic threads definitely aren’t as much of a problem on new dis

it doesn’t load the whole thing so your computer doesn’t die, plus it’s pretty easy to search for stuff within a thread


supposed to be in response to bugduv. MATE


ive got 3400 blue unread things on the film thread.:open_mouth: only cycling has more.


Whenever I watch a current film (you’ll be waiting a long time)

In all seriousness, monthly with discussions around films released that month is good. Like wot @bugduv says.


People, one long thread makes it like a film, lots of little threads makes it like a TV show.

Stop trying to ruin the cinematic experience already :triumph:


Its fine as it is now