Film thread spin-off: Seen It Loads / Never Seen It

why can’t i make polls anymore?!

Try starting it as a Multiple Choice poll then change to Single Choice before you post.
New DiS: fucked already


Silence of the Lambs

  • Seen it loads with fava beans and a nice chianti
  • Never seen it in the fucking basket

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big trouble in little china

  • seen it loads
  • i’m a joyless cretin and have never seen it

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Trading Places

  • Seen it loads
  • Never seen it

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Home Alone

  • I’ve seen it 1, 2… 10 times!
  • I’ve never seen it

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what if you’ve only seen any of these once

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Then don’t vote.

Then keep schtum, jerk!

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how else can I sneer at the Big Lebowski then

I was scared of it too, even though I absolutely loved ghostbusters as a kid. I’d like to know what you think if/when you see it because I don’t think that it’s dated all that well. It looks class but that’s about it.

Don’t vote on that one, and vote never seen it for the rest

to clarify is seen it loads:[poll max=3 public=true]

  • 2-5 times
  • 6-10 times
  • 11 + times

4 and above would be loads, for me

i don’t like the big lebowski and i’ve seen it loads. everyone has.

If only I made these things really clear in the OP, huh?

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Ive seen it once and decided that was enough

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hahaha you must know by now that no one ever reads a full post :wink:

Die Hard

  • Seen it loadsss
  • Never seen it

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