Film thread spin-off: Seen It Loads / Never Seen It


I find that some people have an attitude that old films (particularly B&W ones) are generally boring and shite


@Antpocalypsenow your format is better but I think it was pretty rude just to wade in and start using it when a very particular format was specified in the OP


Its the only way to watch those films anyway.



I think it’s pretty rude of you to stride in here and take offence on someone else’s behalf you Goody Two-Shoes bellend.


That’s a bit over the top Ant, imagine I was having a really bad day today already like my mum was ill or my wife left me.


I hope you’d feel comfortable enough in those circumstances to send me a quick PM and be confident in my humanity to take that into consideration.

I also hope you’re aware enough of my real-life character and the dynamic we’ve built up on here over a number of years that I’m always jesting when a post might look like an attack on you, I have an enormous respect for you as a poster and a human being and can only apologise if any of my posts have upset you in any way.




Terrific stuff!


Mortal Kombat

  • Seen it loads
  • I’ve never watched ITV4

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Office Space

  • Seen it loads
  • Never seen it

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Star Wars: Rogue One

  • Never seeeeen it
  • Seen it loods

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Those people have obviously never seen Casablanca. Or any of the Marx Brothers films. Or any number of other awesome black and white films.


It’s a Wonderful Life, ffs!


All of you that clicked on the “Never seen it” option, consider this an invitation to come round and watch Fatal Attraction with me on my new telly :smiley: :popcorn: There will be an endless supply of doughnuts and flirtinis and we won’t stop watching until you’ve all seen it at least 10 times. You will have to endure my endless “Did you know…” and “Here’s an interesting fact…” but I promise you, it’ll be worth it.