Film / TV Locations

Ever worked / lived / spent any time at or near any famous locations?
Contributions from outside of the M25 welcome

Used to shop in Corporal Jones’ Butchers Shop from Dads Army when visiting my aunt.

Took the ex tv to Goathland which is where they filmed Heartbeat (she bloody loved Heartbeat). Didn’t tell her that’s where we were going, you should have seen her face when she recognised it. Heartbeat, for crying out loud.

Also went to Coronation Street and did the tour and it was truly excellent.

That’s it I think.


Saw some of the Avengers stuff around Edinburgh - mainly the fake kebab shop on Cockburn Street and the smashed up coffee shop in Waverley station. There were also some big camera suspended along the Royal Mile.

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Regular visitor and live up road from Lacock.

Home of HP filming, load of period drama stuff and also hilarious American mispronounciations.

Worked opposite the school from If… for about 6 months.

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Been to North Bend, Washington. Saw some Twin Peaks sights - waterfall, The Great Northern, RR Diner


Ely Cathedral gets used fairly regularly (well, maybe once a year) for movies or tv drama. But they tend to be shit (Elizabeth: the golden age; Kings Speech; Assassins Creed; The Crown, Jupiter Rising…)

Otherwise… no.

Walking round Manhattan is weird, because pretty much every street looks like (and probably is) it’s out of a film I’ve seen


We stayed at the Great Northern and ate at the Double R.

Also visited (but did NOT stay in) the hotel from the Shining on the same trip.


Have told this story on here a couple of times before but when I visited Lincoln for an audit I was staying opposite the cathedral, which I didn’t know until I got there. I asked the person behind the desk if that was the famous Lincoln Cathedral. “Yes,” she replied proudly “it’s where they filmed The Da Vinci Code”.


Call the Midwife is filmed where I work. (I have never seen Call the Midwife.) I think some films have been filmed there too.

i’ve cycled through there. didn’t know it had anything to do with twin peaks.

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Quite a few things for Croydon. Most recently an episode of Black Mirror.

Others from memory.
Peep Show.
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.
The Da Vinci Code
Jason Bourne
The Bill

My dad used to deliver to the pub on Peak Practise, he saw them filming there loads apparently.

Recognise a few places from Shane Meadows films.

Been to Wollaton Hall loads and that was Wayne Manor in Nolan’s Batman films.

Oh I also walked past John C Reilly and Steve Coogan filming their Laurel and Hardy film in Bristol last year.

You know The (UK) Office where it zooms into that bleak turquoise building at the start of the intro? My Nan worked in that building. Does that count?

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Used to live a couple of hundred metres from the river section of the Karma Chameleon video. (is just within the M25 though)

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the inside bits (and a fair bit of the outside) were all sets in the UK anyway

I grew up in the village where The Darling Buds of May was filmed and regularly had to have shit silent playtimes at school as they were shooting nearby.

I also lived near the house from 2point4 Children at another stage of my life.