Film / TV Locations

I grew up in the village where The Darling Buds of May was filmed and regularly had to have shit silent playtimes at school as they were shooting nearby.

I also lived near the house from 2point4 Children at another stage of my life.

when i used to work in the northern quarter i walked down the street down the back from piccadilly. one day there were all these old timey posters up and a big fake wall at the end of the street, didnt know why. turns out they were shooting the first captain america film, that car chase sequence goes up and down that street.

also when we were on holiday in newquay we saw the hotel from the witches and spent about an hour shouting 500 DOSES and CHILD IS NO LONGER CHILD, CHILD IS A MOUSE. that was good


Had my 21st birthday party in the club they go to in Trainspotting which is now a distant memory beneath a block of shitey flats.

There was a scene of Murder Most Horrid, where a car is shown racing down the spiral exit ramp of Reading Station car park.

I played ‘Spot The Matlock Location’ while I was watching Dead Man’s Shoes

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Didn’t know the bloody Overlook was close by, that’s so cool!

Yeah, i know the coffee at the RR is nothing special but it’s still really cool to be there. I was grinning the whole time.

That’d be some place to ride

Good old Riber Castle!

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First time I watched it I didn’t cotton on until Riber was shown and then I realised it was all local to Matlock.

Derby Market Place

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It’s about an hour outside Portland, so not that close but sort of on the way if you’re doing a road trip round there.

Just remembered we also visited the hotel from Some Like It Hot in San Diego on the same trip.


“Hang on, is that Riber Castle?!”

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Game of Thrones is filmed here, not really watched enough of it to recognise places though. aside from The Dark Hedges which i’m not sure i’ve ever been to.

that BBC show The Fall was filmed all over the city though. spent a lot of my time watching it trying to work out what street they were on when they were in nice residential areas. took me out of a tense scene once when i noticed he was driving down Royal Avenue past McDonalds.

They used to film The Bill all round south London (shifting regularly so that it didn’t look like one particular borough was a crime hotspot). I think the set for the station was near Colliers Wood.

1m10s into the Boon opening credits is Scala Cinema in Ilkeston. Used to go there loads when I was at college.


I work in a building that has featured in Harry Potter films, Bond films and the Sherlock series.

Elstree Studios?

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The Eden project?

I worked as a set builder/greensman on The Mummy (tom cruise version), mainly on the woodland scenes with the ambulance and plane crash sites.

Would be a much better story if it was a better film

“Excuse me, is that Lincoln Cathedral out there?”

“No, it’s the fucking bus station. Of course it’s the cathedral you fucking weirdo.”