Film viewing: emotions thread

Moments in films that have made you feel most:

  • frightened
  • happy
  • tense

The super happy ending of Wayne’s World

Makes me feel … so…

Misread that as ‘Moments in films that made you feel moist

That is all

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  • frightened is probably something in Under the Shadow tbh, that proper scared me
  • happy, idk I think the most joyous thing that comes to mind is the bit in Mommy where the kid opens the screen
    -tense, the tunnel scene in Kill List or the ending of Borderlands

No problem; please feel free to share. We are a broad church here

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Kill List is a good shout

Great thread!

  • frightened - the bit in the Orphanage, where she starts playing that “creeping Indians” style game with the ghost children
  • happy - Frank Cross’s monologue at the end of Scrooged (“I get it now!”)
  • tense - the bit in This Is England where they’re sat up listening to soul music and Combo reveals his true colours.

frightened: most of jacob’s ladder. namely the shaky head people and the scene in the bath
happy: proper bawl my eyes out when jeffery and sandy kiss at the party in blue velvet
tense: the last 20 minutes of audition

like this

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Tense - No Country for Old Men

Pretty much the whole thing, but the scene in the hotel probably the most

ignore this

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This is a brilliant thread, I need to think very hard about this, I’ve tried to write a response like three times and I’m getting frustrated that I’ll remember a better film right after I’ve posted. I’LL BE BACK.

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what is it with me and film names today?

Rust and Bone is the film that destroyed me most emotionally - the whole bit with the kid under the ice and the hospital scene afterwards

Thanks :blush:

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FEAR: The film that scared me the most I haven’t ever tracked down so I’ll say that probably it was Event Horizon. Seeing that on my own in a fairly empty cinema it really worked. No idea why.

HAPPY: The final sequence of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade probably? It’s a big old happy moment, innit?

TENSE: Someone reminded me of how motherfucking tense the Bruce Willis section of Pulp Fiction was the first time. The clever out of order thing means the whole time you’re expecting Sam Jackson to rock up and blow him away and end their happiness, I mean on top of all the other stress points in that particular tale.

Good shout. Super-tense when Butch is sneaking back to his apartment to get his watch

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Yeah but everything after that for me too. Because he kills Vincent and you’re wondering where Sam Jackson is because he should be there to kill him. Even when they’re riding off on the motorcycle I expected the shots to ring out.

I’ve watched Pulp Fiction countless times and it honestly never occurred to me to wonder where Sam is at that point. Curious!

He saves Sam’s boss from a buggerin’ and a murderin’. Did that not make you think that he might be OK?

to be fair he was a bit late saving him from the 1st one

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Not necessarily. He’s killed his best friend. This is personal but also, it’s not like Wallace has had TIME to warn Jules of this change of circumstances. I mean this is literally (in my view) the point of us not finding out until the end of the film that Jules has given up the job.