Film Watching Etiquette [Polls]

What the fuck?

How many languages do you speak?

Something my parents have really drilled into me. They could hear fine they just insisted on it, every film.

None of this really matters. The etiquette rules are about not ruining it for other people in the cinema. If you’re at home it doesn’t really matter as long as you and your co-watchers agree

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@scout @ruffers @anon5266188 I am proud to be part of the subtitles always on crew with you xx


Sure but nothing really matters


Absolutely not. Their knobs are left to the imagination, as is what happens to them in the rest of their lives in post-Thatcher Sheffield. Perfect.

Subtitles on stuff that’s in English causes me real anxiety feelings. Proper does some damage to me

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Cinema etiquette matters a great deal to me I’m afraid

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A bunch of heroic and noble friends IMO

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Gotta say though big raucous crowds in e.g blockbuster horror movies are very fun. Everything has an appropriate time.

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good one, hoogy

Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman meet on the beach, nobs out.

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Cinema snacks

  • Purchased on site
  • Purchased at Home Bargains, smuggled in
  • No food in cinemas

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Buzz and Woody make it back to Andy’s room, he’s got his nob out and so do all the other toys


depends on my mood and the type of film and various other factors

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Mild whispered comment in cinema, once or twice per film - volume level to be kept as low as rustling of popcorn or sweet wrappers

Some chat during serious film at home, though pause for significant discussion of plot

Lotsa chat during b movies, slashers, dumb shit like The Room etc


Citizen Kane “Rosebud”
Drops the snowglobe
Orchestra starts playing
Camera zooms out from his face, as he lays there dead
Monster cock hanging out


People who think popcorn from a supermarket is an equivalent to popcorn from the cinema are fucking cretins.


I do not agree with this

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