Filmmakers (or writers, actors, whatever really) you won't watch anything new by

A @TKC thought.

Reckon to make it worthwhile they have to have made something you’ve enjoyed in the past, otherwise its just a people you don’t like thread.

Christopher Nolan
Quentin Tarantino
Wes Anderson
Edgar Wright

Think that’s my full list but may add more

All of them.

Woah. You’ve enjoyed something by every single film maker. Quite the ‘movie buff’ aren’t you


Yorgos Lanthimos. Out of Dogtooth, The Lobster, Killing of A Sacred Deer and The Favourite, I have only actually enjoyed The Lobster. Need to stop getting swept up in the hype.


Would love to say Ben Wheatley but realistically I will be watching The Meg 2 sooner or later


Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Ben Wheatley film. A field in England is meant to be the good one right?

oh yeah, Ben Wheatley, absolutely dreadful.


Kill List is a proper modern horror classic imo but none of his others are essential


Richard Curtis. Blackadder ended over 30 years ago so I think he’s a safe bet for this thread


maybe Casey Affleck, and Ben with their acting. Not because Casey is cancelled but is really quite shit in a lot of films. Ben because he won’t be acting in any good films lets be honest

I heard he’s good in The Last Duel

Jeremy Renner
Johnny Depp
Will Ferrell

No need to see any of them in a major role ever again


I’ve seen them all, from A to Zzyzx!

maybe then. Last thing I watched all the way through with him was Gone Girl, which was pretty good as he just had to play a world weary mopey middle aged white bloke

Woah. It’s like having our own ‘Kermode’ on the boards!

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think all those big guys you mentioned have enough crossover appeal within my friend groups that i’ll always go see them until they have a run of 3 awful films in a row or something (which i DON’T THINK has happened so far so save your jokes thanks)

just not sure I like Edgar Wright at all now though

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Oh good point. Fincher can get on the list. Dreadful film.

one of my fav cinema experiences ever

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I also like walking out of things at the cinema (didn’t see it at the cinema but absolutely would’ve fucked off if I had)

Don’t think I’ll ever listen to a new Bloc party song again

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