Films and TV shows you've watched only because you fancy an actor in them

I’m not talking about things you would have seen anyway. I mean things you’d never have watched if they didn’t have your particular choice of eye-candy in them.

Inspired by the DiS Top 100 Films thread.

Glad to hear it.

I’m wondering how prevalent this is.

I don’t really have on-screen crushes. Never have.

I saw the recent adaptation of The Seagull because Corey Stoll was in it. It was fine.

Most recent rewatch of Hannibal was almost entirely to concentrate on Mads’ angular face


He’s a striking individual for sure.

We clearly need a thread for stuff you’ll give a try because you like an actor in it. At least one person will post in it.

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Are we counting explicit pornography in this thread?

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ at the start, then I started really enjoying it.



No, we are not.

Start your own filthy, disgusting thread.

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I went to see titanic six times at the cinema which was caused, at least in part, by my huge crushes on Winslet and Dicaprio at the time.

I do not think that would be a good thread, but thank you for your offer.

Watched an episode of Pushing Daisies because it had Anna Friel in it, then it was summarily cancelled, which is a Bad Thing cos that show was great.

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His stunning angular face and his outstanding wardrobe in Hannibal :+1:

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anything with gosling in it

Oh yeah, and a really, really awful film about racing pigeons in Belgium because it had Jamie Dornan in it.

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I bought a waistcoat and new trousers after this viewing. Such a loser.


Gladiators. John Anderson.


Pffft that makes you a fucking winner :+1:

Fleabag recently popped up as a recommendation for me on iPlayer and I ended up watching the whole lot in one go as Phoebe Waller-Bridge is so distractingly attrative…

I love her eyebrows.