Films, books, TV series, albums etc that are really good... but have one annoying thing that p's you right off

Was watching Four Weddings And A Funeral the other night (which I do like) and enjoyed it… but I just can’t get over how bad Andi McDowell is. She looks great but her acting is awful


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Four Weddings and a Funeral is not ‘really good’, sorry


McNulty’s character and accent in The Wire

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The production on the first Fleet Foxes album



Yes it is

The font in * insert book that I like * is bad

In my favourite film ‘the silence of the lambs’, Jack Crawford, the head of behavioural sciences at the FBI in Quantico, who is based on real life ‘mindhunter’ john douglas and who basically invented the idea of profiling, overlooks a major change in buffalo bill’s M.O. (modus operandi!!!) and writes it off as him ‘getting lazy.’ Now, in the novel it’s suggested that he is an alcoholic and no longer on top of his game but in the film he has no such character flaw and is presented as still being the absolute boy, so it is extremely unlikely that he would have missed it.

Great film otherwise, obviously.


i read Ready Player One recently coz i was given it for my bday. turns out yer man ste spielberg is making it into a film isnt he, so everyone is talking about the fact that its basically a bunch of 80s pop culture references thrown together into a loose story about some reddit/dungeons and dragons nerds which is a bit crap but basically fine. itll prob be a big dumb summer film.

the thing is tho, theres a couple of points in the book which are cack-handedly transphobic, racist and sexist (spoilers in case anyone wants to read it, coz these plot points are a bit spoilery, but not that much) basically the protagonist nerd is internet-flirting with the token girl nerd and at one point he weirdly asks her if she was born a woman, for no reason.
later on its revealed that his best pal nerd (whose avatar is a white male, for actually pretty good reasons) is a black woman. her reasoning behind playing as a black woman is sound, but the main guys reaction to it is basicaly that no one would believe this character who is the greatest dueler in the world (or some shit i cant remember) is a black woman.
also when hes back in the game he refers to his pals avatar as he/him, even though he now knows shes female, specifically because theyve always been male in the game. although as i say she wants to be known as male (for reasons, which are fine) in the game so im not sure whether this is particularly problematic or not,
just worth mentioning due to the tonedeafness of the earlier transphobic clanger

but yeah i imagine the film will just exclude these stupid things and concentrate on the bits where he exhaustively describes pacman as if no one has ever played it before, or explains why rush are a great band as if they were a great band. its not a great book

NoahVale seems to like it

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Some people like dragon porn and tory cookery, doesn’t make those TV shows any better

also another thing ive just remembered is the book starts with him saying oh yeah i won the game, this is how i did it, so theres no sense of jeopardy whatsoever. like when the baddies threaten to blow him up you know hes going to be fine, coz he tells you he will in the first fucking page of the book

Any Stephen King book where he writes dialogue for black people.


is the p*s for pus?

The actor Joseph R. Gannascoli appears as an extra named Gino in the first series of the Sopranos before later becoming a recurring character named Vito.