Films for a 12yo with a broken collar bone



So, I have a 12yo who needs entertaining. Give me some recommendations for DVDs, Netflix stuff, whatever that he can watch while he’s laid up. We have done a lot of the old-school actioners like Indiana Jones, and also Spider-Man, Batman, Grauniads Of The Galaxy, Harry Potters, James Bonds etc. I recently approved his request to watch Shaun Of The Dead which he liked but isn’t particularly fond of horror. 15 cert stuff is generally fine.

Cheers DiS








Die Hard




All of Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings stuff.
Also plenty of cartoon/anime series on Netflix: Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan etc


my biggest regret about Big Hero 6 is that I wasn’t 12 when it came out


scott pilgrim is on netflix


And then Termitaor 2 and then tell him there aren’t any other terminator films


Uncle Buck




A thousand times this ^ :sunglasses::guitar:


punisher on netflix


kiki’s delivery service


lord of the rings extended editions, back to back


Hunt for the Wilderpeople

(on Netflix)


All of the Ghibli movies :slight_smile:


Bill & Ted
Wayne’s World