Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist


The English Patient - Won nine Oscars but, bizarrely it doesn’t exist
Stacked Actors by the Foo Fighters - Really quite a good song, doesn’t exist though, so weird!

Things like that if you want.


THe Beatles :open_mouth: :exploding_head:


I really like Stacked Actors


Yeah, me too. Neither of us have ever heard it though which is so odd!


One of the few songs of theirs I know well. Was so up for this thread with the first example, but will admit I struggled with that one.


yeah this thread is shite, i’m outta here


See you!


^the english impatient


Haha! You’re dead right, Japes.


True Blood is a vampire TV show that doesn’t exist


this thread has got me down for some reason


Sorry to hear that, I don’t like the thought of you being down


Forgot this was a Cronenberg film. Ironically, nobody has seen this have they?



The state of this thread


I liked The English Patient.
Very confusing and far-fetched and very, very boring.
It was my kind of film.


Which reminds me

The person that wrote Father Ted - doesn’t exist.


Leicester City’s title win - people go on about it even though it didn’t happen.


Another football one - Frank Lampard’s disallowed “goal” against Germany. Didn’t happen.


I’ve no idea what’s happening here but I don’t think I care for it.


Quite literally didn’t happen