Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist

Shut down the thread we have a winner

Newman & McQueen :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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adrien brody’s career is so depressing, poor bloke

He’s so aware of it in that pic too


loved him chewin the scenery in peaky blinders. :laughing: :laughing:

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There’s apparently a TV show called ‘Ted Lasso’ that absolutely is not real

It’s massive atm that show

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Much of Willis’ current work seems to be with the same group of actors/production company. It also seems to be common knowledge that he rarely does more than a day’s work on a film these days. Just get the feeling that he’s doing favours for mates at this point.


Oh god yeah, I saw Ocean’s Twelve the other day and there was strong, strong “I’m doing this for a laugh and a fat pile of cash and I’ll be out of here in one day” energy to that cameo. And fair play to him, that’s living the damn dream.

Always liked this Spotlight one, which puts the stars in boxes and then their names in a totally different order just below and spaced about the same


I thought I’d seen that he’d landed a role in an upcoming Marvel thing. He has not, but I did find this


:pensive: youngest best actor winner ever to not even being able to land a role in the MCU

He must be holding out for a big role. Think that’s what Cumberbatch did? Martin Freeman went for the first part going, but Sherlock played the long game and became a wizard (that’s probably what happened)

Brody for rebooted Iron Fist I reckon

This is really interesting, thanks

At least twenty films together so far!


exists, actually an alright film

Better than it had any right to be but completely nonexistent

Films, songs, albums, TV shows etc that don’t exist unless the very notion of Swedish cinema is strange and unpalatable to you



Probs both already posted but w/e


Has chloe grace moretz faded out of existence also?