Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist


it shouldn’t exist but yet it does


Has that Han Solo film come out yet?


Yeah, it does exist. It’s lack of success is noteworthy enough for it to be a film that exists I’m afraid.




  • Exists
  • Used to exist
  • Never existed

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The television series ‘Lost’


Never heard of it


As long as Q magazine exists every single facet of David Bowie’s life and career will exist, and exist hard.


I’m talking about the singer Labrinth. This proves my point, i think


Oh well played, Aggpass, well played.

Plan B doesn’t exist.

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The Corrs. I have a vague memory of them being something a while back, but… nah.


Anthony Mackie does not exist



This exists and I still get annoyed about having spent money to watch it.


You mean the guy playing a prominent supporting character in the most successful film franchise of all time?


That’s the one, mad isn’t it?

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Even from cutthelights’ description I’ve got no idea who this is, or which film franchise he’s in. So he doesn’t exist


yeah fair enough I mean this certainly does not exist



He came up on Pointless the other day as the co-star of the Hurt Locker. I’ve seen that film more than once and had no idea who he was or who he played.

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Currently playing on quite a large amount of multiplex cinema screens, saw it myself on Sunday night. Doesn’t exist.