Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist

Fuck off, great film.

The two Godzilla films before it, however


The first one and v kong 100% definitely exist. The middle one, not so much.

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Released just as cinemas were reopening which was unfortunate but definitely existent

Speaking of Oscar bait from the last couple of years, just saw Belfast referenced in an advert and that’s got to be right on the brink of not existing.


Good shout this

Luckily it was an open period in Melbourne so me and my mate saw it in IMAX

the first one is better than vs kong

A theatrically released Ratchet and Clank film you say? Pull the other one.


Which, if it did exist, somehow starred Beyonce.


No one stopped talking about it for months over here so it definitely exists.

Screened in my local indie cinema for an absolute age whereas they usually only do short runs of things (was their most successful film ever since they opened apparently which was nice for them)



Joke’s on me as Scream VI seems to be doing numbers at the box office.

I went to see this on release day.

Think it does exist, pretty well known for being his first big role after his scandals isnt it

It’s on Apple TV and nothing on there exists except Ted Lasso, and that only really exists as comment prices in media rather than as a TV show

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Come on, it’s clear that Severance and Slow Horses exist.

I just like making jokes about Apple TV tbh

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also the last one is actually Scream (2022), so jokes on you!

@sarahispi lied to me!! :weary:

i hate it tbh, though they do make a joke in the film about people who complain about sequels being self-titled , so they got me good

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I watched this when it came out. Absolutely wretched attempt at a redemption arc.