Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist

Aside from the eponymous beaver I remember absolutely nothing about it, had to Google it to make sure I didn’t imagine it.

Fair to say it wasn’t the hey-presto image rehabilitation he was after.

I really like Servant, but think I could well be on my own on this, seeing how it doesn’t actually exist.

The beaver has a cockney accent

If you want a streaming channel that doesn’t exist try Paramount plus. Or don’t because it doesn’t exist.

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  • A genuine streaming service
  • @guntrip you just made this logo on your Photoshop app

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I note Apple have this at the start of their Chalamet advert in an attempt to make it exist.

This reminds me.

I was at the cinema the other night and they had an advert for season 2 of DiS-favourite Yellowjackets, which it turns out is now a Paramount+ exclusive, and so - sadly - no longer exists.


Ffs, didn’t know this.

Pretty sure Paramount still have a free trial, so could always just sign up and binge it when it’s done, at least

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Perfect Dark Zero doesn’t exist.


wait till next month cause theres new Beavis and Butthead.

quite like Paramount plus tbh. not a big selection but thats fine, not overwhelming like most services

Literally have no idea what this could even be so I concur.

Roads that don’t exist