Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist


Apparently Flo Rida has sold 80m records, pretty good for someone I’m almost certain doesn’t exist.


‘low’ exists. He’s never appeared on another song though


“Low” was the only hesitation I had. Could have been someone else though, who’s to say?

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he’s on the GOAT wrestlemania song


Arrested Development


He had a song that was about getting someone to “blow his whistle” (lol, it was about BJs!!!) which featured someone whistling. Strong contender for the worst song I’ve ever heard.


Macgruber definitely exists. Just search Macgruber in Google News and see how frequently it comes with regards to doing a sequel or telly series. Has become quite a beloved film against the odds.


Amazing how little this exists given how it (allegedly) came out last year.


That as well as Ben Is Back. Two identical films, out within weeks of each other. Neither of which exist.


Does that Steve Carell film where he’s the action figure exist? I feel like it might not.


I have literally never heard of Ben is Back. Why do people invent these things?

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With the possible exception of Foxcatcher I don’t think any film where Steve Carell is clearly trying to win an award exists.


did not see that coming


Here’s an interesting case. Russell Brand most certainly exists, but his film career does not. Has anyone else of his level of fame been in so many non-existent films?





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Get Him To The Greek definitely, unfortunately exists


Yep, staple of ITV’s film after the 10 o’clock news rotation.



This and that 9 pounds bullshit he did too


220px-Poto2 Phantom of the Opera with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Ellison

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