Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist

I watched this recently and it doesn’t exist.

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Think I’ve hit the motherlode. I googled 1980s remakes and was almost sucked into the vortex of non-existence.

I’d say, according to my bubble, it’s had more impact than Endgame.

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I know Sky dramas basically shouldn’t count here but Riviera definitely doesnt exist


Final Fantasy might win this thread for (apparently) having the most things under one name that doesn’t exist. Something like 800 games, remakes and films. None actually exist.


Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur sounds like it would be very funny if it were an actual film he had made

I think it’s debatable whether or not this exists, but - as it was (I think) the first big movie Schwarzenegger did after leaving politics and (I think) the first time he and Stallone had starred in something together - I’d err on the side of it existing.

This, however, absolutely does not exist.


I’d say Escape Plan exists at the moment. It may not in a few years or so though.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this



Spiderpig exists (unfortunately) no idea where it came from though as the Simpsons Movie doesn’t actually exist


found the goldmine of films that don’t exist here, going back decades. some flops do exist, many don’t.

Watching stranger things I’m reminded that the film super 8 doesn’t exist


It may well not exist shortly after it’s been viewed but it is an enjoyable film while it’s on. Maybe this could be said of plenty of non existant films but I don’t know, its hard to tell what with them not existing.

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Nah, that exists. Still on telly every now and then, remembered as a big reason that JJ Abrams got to do Star Wars.

This on the other hand…

Doesn’t exist.



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The post-heroes career of Hayden Panettiere doesn’t exist

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Heroes doesn’t exist either tbf to the lass

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