Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist


I have seen this within the past five years, Jerome.


Would you say it was a razor sharp sci-fi thriller?


Think my wife said that whereas I thought it was wildly entertaining and great fun.


Welcome back, Jezza x


Went to see it at the cinema when it came out actually.


I’m so sorry.


when this thread reaches over 60 replies I will assume MPBH has found it


It’s not too bad.

I task you with watching it this weekend.


I won’t lie, I’m intrigued by Willem Dafoe as Gas.


Leicester winning the Premier League
Didn’t happen


@SenorDingDong posting about Leicester winning the PL - didn’t happen


Same as Chelsea winning the Champions League


The new Pixies records, but mostly that song “Indie Cindy”


The ‘66 world cup “win”. To any intelligent person its obvious that the famous ‘they think it’s all over’ footage was actually shot by Stanley Kubrick on a sound stage in the Nevada desert. If you look carefully at the flags in the crowd none of them are moving, despite being outside where wind is. Also England are shit at football


The album Nirvana released before Nevermind doesn’t actually exist.


The fabled “Drum Remix” of Radiohead’s “Creep”


This is controversial but whenever I’ve listened to bleach I’ve thought it was proper shit


Barry Lyndon.


Pretty sure I like this thread, shame it doesn’t exist


Yeah, this thread definitely doesn’t exist.