Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist


Then how come it does?


Can you give me an example of something from this thread that actually exists?


61 replies can’t be wrong.


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I bought that from Poundland in Coventry in the early 2000s. First ever time I’d been to Poundland and I rinsed the place on vhs


I… I can’t, Ant.


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saw this film TWICE

better Matt Damon option



Yeah, that doesn’t exist. I think Downsizing probably doesn’t exist either (or at least is only a few months away from not existing)


Reckon anyone, anywhere in the world in the last three years has had the thought “I think I’ll just pop The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt on”?


Strikes me as a film that is on 9pm every Thursday night on Film four (see also: Transcendence)


Same with Suburbicon


The Hobbit trilogy


We Bought a Zoo, that doesn’t exist.


Oh yeah, that fucking film definitely doesn’t exist. Christ Damon is on a bad run eh.


He’s been demoted in the Hollywood hierarchy:


Jesse Plemons should win best supporting actor for Game Night at the next Oscars


Alright, Jean Baudrillard

(This is for @whiterussian)


Jack the Giant Slayer