Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist


The OC exists I’m afraid on accounts of how there is a degree of nostalgia for it.


This one was actually in the MCU before they replaced Norton with Mark Ruffalo! There’s another Hulk film from 2003 with Eric Bana of questionable existence too!


The OC definitely exists but lots of teen American dramas about attractives that tried to ride its coat tails definitely don’t exist (Greek, the most nonexistent one to come to mind, for example)


The Ang Lee one exists but purely because it’s such a weird thing to exist so, in a way, it doesn’t exist…


Suits didn’t exist, then someone from it married Prince Harry and then it maybe started to exist


Thank you for your exhaustive contribution.


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Fuck, that film made $180m!!!




so non-existant it’s been forgotten already


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Weird how they’ve opened an avatar theme park at Disney land


I believe that this film was shot in the local area of where my parents live and, despite me being fully aware of it’s production, release and the fact that it grossed twice it’s budget… It doesn’t exist!




Was part of my course at Uni, dont remember anything about it so may have skipped that week




George Clooney’s directorial CV is so weird


Doubt he keeps an up-to-date CV being in high demand…you could say it doesn’t exist.


He probably calls it a “resumé” which reminds me of this upcoming film that doesn’t exist: