Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist

Point Break 2015 remake…??

(it doesn’t exist.)

thankfully its non-existence means i can still say “finally… the time has come where they can remake point break with trump etc trump as the new ex presidents gang



And Trolls: World Tour, with the flashing lights on the side of the bus.

What a year it’s been.

Are you in my office?

(I think both have just been changed to Cyberpunk 2077, goodnight sweet princes)

EDIT: Trolls World Tour has just gone past, all is once again right with the world.

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Someone bored on furlough typed all this up:

Things that don’t exist?

Channel 5 are showing an incredible amount of Christmas films that absolutely don’t exist every single day at the minute. remarkable.


We, inexplicably, watched Christmas with the Kranks on Netflix the other day and when it finished we switched back to TV and it was on Channel 5 at like the exact point we turned it off and it was SO FREAKY.

i saw a bit of it the other day, that one just about exists imo, but no one has thought about it in years (except you apparently. unbelievable imo)

i think a lot of the other ones they’re constantly showing are Hallmark TV movies that i’ve never heard of and aren’t real


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Rewatching this now having not thought of it in 21 years. Its on YouTube. It is very odd but there’s some good lines.

Doesn’t exist of course

The film may not exist but my daughter’s continued playing of the music for this bit definitely does