Films, songs, albums, TV Shows etc that don't exist

Swear I saw this one drunken 1am on BBC1 but clearly I couldn’t have because it doesn’t exist

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I only know it through Richard Ayoade’s book about it (which made me want to see it)

Yeah just discovered that through the wiki page, what a concept


The Michael Caine paradox: hugely memorable and existing actor, with a filmography for which 95% doesn’t exist


Don’t think he ever bettered dirty rotten scoundrels :thinking:

Might be my favourite submission ever in this thread.

Good that they make clear which one is which in the poster with arrows too

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Without A Clue is up there (although I have a feeling both films have aged poorly).

Apparently it as on that script ‘black list’ of scripts that are deemed really good but no one has made, back in 2006. And yet here it is pulling in something like 16% on Rotten Tomatoes

“It’s about a man called Guy who’s free, and it needs a snappy title. Something like ‘Free Guy’, only not that.”


Needs more things on the poster


It’s on literally every single bus here, every time I see it I’m amazed at just how little information it gives you about the film.

Sounds worth a watch tbf

Is that book any good? It sounds like he’s either doing a riff on this Geoff Dyer book, (about Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’) or it’s like a book length episode of one of Black Check (podcast) episodes about lesser known movies. Both of which appeal to me.


I enjoyed it, it’s kind of a lightweight pisstake of how ridiculous the film is. A while since I read it but I remember a few good laughs in it.

Not existing in a cinema near you:

Reckon I’ll forget about this and post it again in three months time



Posting this because my colleague saw this at a mountain top outdoor screening yesterday. I mean, yeah, mountains, but this film?

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Tom McCarthy must have one of the most bizarre and inconsistent filmographies out there. Directed a best picture winner (Spotlight) and won for co-writing it. Throw in this, an Adam Sandler misfire, a few indies that got Oscar attention. But I know him best for his stellar acting work as the guy Amanda Peet ditches John Cusack for in Roland Emmerich’s masterpiece ‘2012’.

Oh, and he co-wrote ‘Up’. A movie I don’t like. I’m guessing he wrote the 95% that everyone ignores because the early montage ‘has all the feels’ etc.

Actually a really enjoyable film that I’ve posted here before and does not exist ever so slightly